To find a record, you can use 2 ways : either you know the city name end you use "recherche par commune", or you don't know it precisely and you use "recherche par canton".

Whichever way you choose, the form is the one for the "canton" (= district) where the city is. You can then decide to search the whole « canton » or select a city in the scrolling list on the right.

"Initialiser le formulaire" = set the form back to blank



By selecting judicious search criteria :

Indeed, if you don't know the spelling of the surname(s) or/and first name(s) you are looking for, you can use the search engine power.

Example :

You are looking for the surname DUPONT, you are not certain about the spelling, you can search on 2 letters or more, whatever their position in the surname.

By refining your criteria, you will target your results better.

DU will give  DUchemin, DUpont and DUpond

DUP : DUPont and DUPond only

and so on...

You can also force restrictions on the engine, for example ONLY surnames BEGINNING or ENDING with the letters you have entered, or also the exact spelling.

As for the gender you must choose one just now...

The dates are entirely optional. If you don't fix any date restrictions, you will get all the entries relevant with the selected criteria. Beware there may be very long lists.

And last criteri, the record type. You must make a choice for this data.

Some cities or district are limited for the nimber of answers, because the number of records is very high, but you can bypass the engine by refining your search.

After selecting the criteria, the engine sends the number of answers and the first 100 ones, either alphabetically or chronologically (according to your choice). If the number is over 100, the engine warns you with a message in red :

affinez votre recherche SVP (= please refine your search)


To order a record picture, click on the "cantonnier" link just above the table of the search results : it opens a new window et you will be able to search the same "canton" without closing the ordering page.

Fill this form. Le "cantonnier" in charge of the cities of the said district receivres your order and processes it as soon as possible.

MIND : please change the form when you change the "canton", each being operated by a different person (even if some are in charge of several "cantons")


For the web surfers who don't get the page intended to collect the informations of the picture order, think about lowering the security level of your antivirus program, or allowing the popup windows for marne-archive site.




To contact a "cantonnier", use the picture-ordering page : enter your email at the top, your text in the area at the bottom and "X" for the other requested informations (nom, prénom ...).



To contact the webmaster (to point out a dead link, or a misworking...) send a mail to :




To know how far the records of a city are on the site, go to the district search page for this city, click on "statistique" and you will get the details.



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